Yogamagic depicts a yoga posture with elements of nature conveying the muscles, bones, nervous system and heart within the body. Yoga is an opportunity to unite the mind and body and communicate to the inner voice or spirit. It creates space between the natural and conceptual. It offers peace, balance and a shift in awareness of the world outside of us and brings deep insight into the worlds that live within. Its nutrition from the Gods and pure magic for all who invite it into their experience.

DESCRIPTION - To​ ​experience​ ​union​ ​between the mental, physical and spiritual allow the body ​to​ ​return​ ​to​ ​its​ ​natural​ ​state. Through this​ ​outer​ ​movement, one can ​discover​ ​the​ ​INNER​ ​MAGIC.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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