The art is an interpretation of a fairy tale that for centuries has inspired the people of Bundi, a beautiful village in the desert in Rajasthan, India. The story features a queen who lost her way in the desert as she followed the sun ( Surya ) setting over the mountains. She disappeared and was never found alive. The king searched high and low for her for several years with no success. Finally, however, they did discover a broken pot hanging from a tree near where the queen was last sighted. The pot miraculously had water in it and was dripping onto the drylands of the desert. Legend has it that the pot belonged to the queen, but she somehow broke it, losing the water and dying of thirst. Occasionally, when the sun sets on that particular area of land, water from the broken pot pours onto the ground, and the queen with two of her spirits appear and bring life to the land.

DESCRIPTION - To create anything in life, one must get a bit broken first. Only then one can let the beauty pour out, to share. If we fear creation, we may die of thirst, no love. If we allow the water or love to flow freely, we may manifest life in the lifeless. ​Surya was in search of water and disappeared in the heart of Rajasthan. Today, she appears as a myth, a ghost.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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