The artwork features an ash baba looking into a mirror whilst painting the third eye onto his forehead. At this moment, he transcends his human form and gains access to his God form. In this place, he has complete clarity and control of his mind and body. He has no desire or judgment. He is no longer a name, sex or human. Instead, he has tapped into another frequency where worlds meet, and the creator exists. Ash babas are an ancient community of men from India who have been known to channel God through their practice of continual meditation for centuries. They begin each meditation by painting a mark on their foreheads to signal to the gods that their third eye is open to receive. 

DESCRIPTION - As I leave my home as a free spirit, I become a hunter and the hunted. If I catch my prey, I am rewarded with another day. If I am caught, I may never see any day. If I am not captured or have been captured, I will shapeshift until I arrive back home. My third eye is always wide open, and so my spirit can only lead me to freedom. There is a glory in Madness only known to Madmen.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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