The art depicts an abstract montage of flowers, henna patterns and textures. The artist created this piece as an experiment to merge pixels with pigments. For centuries, art has been widely created using pigment-based paints and therefore, we, the audience, have been conditioned only to recognise fine art as painted art. In recent times, digital technology and software have provided tools to create and edit art in digital with pixels. This new form of visual will transform art and how we absorb, appreciate it. The question is, can pixelated art evoke genuine emotion and transcend traditional art? 

Description - Nature gives abundantly, and our senses allow us to savour this rainbow. Colour is flowing all around us. Magic ingredients mix into a vast array of flavours, the organic landscape of greens and reds and spectacular browns. Stones replace seeds, and pixels replace pigments, and appetites replace appreciation. Yet, deep within this landscape, we stand and taste the flow.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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