The Mancunian route is an abstract work that conveys an aerial view of Manchester. The art depicts a floating leaf in a puddle. The stem, tip and veins are loosely positioned to replicate a map of the city of Manchester. The stem being the motorway, the veins are roads that lead to the various boroughs. The rivers and lakes also feature on the leaf, as splashes of water with specks of electric lighting in the night convey the urban areas.

DESCRIPTION - The root of Manchester lies deep within its lines, structures and shapes. The soul of Manchester lies deep within its nature. From the sky, Manchester appears rural with splashes of industry and human activity. The roads that lead into the city's body make web-like patterns that lead into smaller bodies of life. This vision is rich with greens and browns in the day, and at night, all you can see is electric yellows and blues.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase.  

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