The artwork conveys seven stages of romantic love. Each stage is depicted by a visual of two people who are experiencing the process of love. Stage 1 - Infatuation - we peacock each other, present strengths, hide our vulnerability, and mask our former heartaches. We plan to attract the other, elevating each moment, wanting to unlock the key to acknowledgement. Stage 2 - Exploration - we suspend belief, let go of intellect and dive into each other's physical realms, tasting, touching, devouring flesh. We indulge in pleasure, exploring bodies and senses to enhance connectivity, passion, and fire. Stage 3 - Organisation we now conform to conceptual behaviours and ideas. We plan for longevity and form a union, a bubble, which lets the world know of our intention and partly, our commitment. We plant seeds, fertilise eggs, wear identical masks, mimic each other's actions, and gradually become one working unit. But, of course, one of the lovers will position a hand outside of the organised world. Stage 4 - Realisation - we no longer share the one plan. The planets don't align, the two are looking at different things, and the masks have fallen off. One appears cold, robotic and inconsiderate—the other, emotional, broken and desperate. Stage 5 Separation - both parties accept the truth and the relationship is a mere memory like a statue. Stage 6 - Emancipation - Both are now alone and ready to regain their place in the ordinary world, to be free from the experience. However, the ego does not want the experience to end and attempts to capture the lovers. To contain them in the experience, wanting to repeat the cycle over and over again. 

DESCRIPTION - Love, an experience like no other… Infatuation, exploration, organisation, realisation, separation and emancipation. Stage by stage, we dream, we learn, we crash and burn. And like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, we then do it all over again. And again, and again.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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