This artwork conveys a traditional industrial landscape decorated with vibrant colours to convey magic. In the foreground is a chimney emerging from the ground. This chimney represents an idea, a dream. It’s the only chimney in view, present and impressive among the baron land beneath and around it. The ground is transformed into a sea of beehives. A swarm of bees can be seen flying around the chimney. The bees and hive symbolise hard work and contribution. Above the chimney is a triangular-shaped cloud indicating the industrial social pyramid. The meaning behind this piece is simple. Create an idea and work at it no matter the circumstances or conditions. The effort, attitude and creativity will manifest into one singular opportunity to decorate the skies and cultivate the land. Eventually, you will bypass the clouds, obstacles and laws that govern everything. You will live in pure magic.

DESCRIPTION - Manchester is a place where dreams do come true. The bees make the honey, the honey fuels imagination, imagination creates the ethic, the ethic produces magic.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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