This artwork depicts those mundane, peaceful and pleasant days we all experience but hardly remember. We always think and relive the days where we are experiencing a challenge or event and forget those meaningless yet wonderful non-eventful days.
The art depicts this type of day. The scene is set in a late summer evening as the people in the background down tools after a hard days work and prepare to rest. In the foreground is a female Indian elephant who guards the entrance of her village. This display is a rare old custom found in some rural communities in India. The animal symbolises Ganesh, the elephant god from the Hindu scripture. He was believed to be the remover of obstacles and a protector from a challenge. The elephant plays the role of gatekeeper and signals to outsiders that only peace is welcome in their space. The name of this piece refers to the elephant's powerful memory and our selective memory.

DESCRIPTION - I often have this dream where I float in the shadow of golden fire in the sky, the scent of jasmine decorates the austere landscape, and I can hear sounds from history in the background. In this dream, I harbour no thought, have no desire and serve no purpose. Yet, I am as relevant as space I occupy and as open as the skies below me. I would ask you to join me, but I can’t as you are already here.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase.  

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