The art depicts the well-known face of Gautama Buddha, the face of Buddhism. The artist is prompting the viewer to question how they process and value profound knowledge that comes from one mind. Do they need to see and experience the physical form of the person who’s expressing this information? Do they seek familiarity with their story or journey so they can somehow relate to the wisdom? Do they need to sense a connection with the words of others who resonate with them? We all gravitate to some ancient wisdom at some stage in our lives to help us understand and navigate life, but do we only explore the messages of those whose faces are known by the masses and perceived to have value?

DESCRIPTION - On the surface, the world is visible, and we see behaviour, movement and growth. Under the surface, the world is invisible, and we cant see thoughts, ideas and pain. What we see we value, and what we don’t know, we must face. There is no hiding place.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. ​

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