Cosmic was created as a cover for a music album. The concept was born from an incredible musician and his vision to explore the universe with sound. The idea stemmed from quantum, in particular, the Big Bang theory, where a large explosion in the universe gave birth to planets, to life. The art features a woman like a figure who’s reaching out to hold snd protect a flower from the Big Bang. She represents the earth, her body a hybrid, half-human, half nature. She gracefully emerges from chaos and works to preserve the elements that are a part of her make-up, her cosmic identity. 

Description - Explosions in space created particles that came together to create life. Life evolved into energy, and energy manifested experience. We are in this realm, and we call it life. Here, we are destructive and creative. It appears to be authentic and false. Whatever it is, and our perception of it, we are made from the stars we no longer experience. 

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase.   

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