The art displays a series of seeds positioned to form a flower-like pattern and to convey new life. Each seed represents sperm, egg, and female genitalia. The artwork is an abstract take on a modern phenomenon that is influencing the natural and traditional world. Technology has provided us all with tools and resources to know about absolutely anything and everything. We access information and communicate at will. But at the expense of what? Where’s the conflict? What’s the trade-off? Are we losing our relationship with nature, or what gives us true meaning and a sense of truth? Technology and its utilities, particularly smartphones and social media apps, have gifted us with tools to know the world more and present our lives to others. We live to curate avatars, priming and grooming ourselves to signal our intentions to others and who we claim and think we are. It offers a transient hit of dopamine, leaving a contrasting experience between the thrill of uncertainty, reward and nothingness. It’s now more important to showcase in public than to build in private. It’s now more important to position yourself than freely adopt what naturally resonates. It’s now more convenient to conform than to be peacefully individualistic. This paradigm influences behaviour and sensibility with future generations groomed only to know and value the new, the brand.

Description - Everything seems to be a brand these days. From grandmothers with logos to aunties with profiles to sisters with followers to mothers with lifestyles. What chance does a baby have when it is brand new?

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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