The art depicts an exploding grenade made up of thousands of butterflies. A contradictory visual indeed. A grenade is a tool made to destroy the physical world and the butterfly, a creature that enhances the natural world. Black and white, left and right, liberal and conservative. One cannot be present or valued without the other. The liberal represents an idea that the status quo is never progressive and must be destroyed and rebuilt. The conservative symbolises tradition and established values that must be preserved and honoured for all parties to flourish. What we don’t see is the middle, where covertly, both wings work together to affect the ultimate change. 

DESCRIPTION - You see, freedom has a way of destroying things. We watch everything carefully planned to be fair, created to inspire, curated to serve self-expression, and eventually collapse. The liberal mind is at work and smiles at the beauty of destruction.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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