The art depicts several man-made objects that are in the shape of a box. Each box, or object, represents a conceptual experience that influences our behaviour, memory and attitude. In the surrounding foreground is outer space and at the centre of the art, on the computer monitor is the Earth in space. The unnatural elements in between these two natural elements remove us from nature, the experiences of natural texture, form, colour, and purpose—our fascination to live to function. Efficient lives to pursue material, security, and prestige distort our true nature, thus shaping our entire lives, years and days. The piece was inspired by the words of life coach Tony Robbins. 

DESCRIPTION - Life is gift-wrapped in a broken box. You consume in a box, put your money in a box, eat from a box, hang your square hat in a box, watch the box, work in a box, drive in a box, type on a box, call your mom on a box, watch time in a box, display awards in a box, go up and down in an electric box, and die in a box. There are no straight lines in nature. How many do you experience in your day?

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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