The art depicts a swarm of thousands of bees that form a labourer with a hammer and chisel in his hands. Beneath him is a landscape of Manchester’s canals and industrial buildings. The artwork is a tribute to the historical work ethic of the people. The Manchester worker bee is one of the best-known symbols of Manchester and has been an emblem for the city for over 150 years. The bee denotes Mancunians’ hard work ethic, and the city is a hive of activity and industry. It has also come to represent the sense of unity in the city. 

DESCRIPTION - A million bees maketh the man. The industry is raw, rough, challenging, heartbreaking, moving, cold, fake, oppressive, controlling, uninspiring, depressing, soul-destroying, uncomfortable, painful, and black. Once you embrace all of the above, all that’s left is the WORKER.

Signed, Numbered & Framed / Framing options available post purchase. 

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