What are the products?

Framed Art 

Framing is an essential part of experiencing Jai's digitally crafted artworks. Our selected frames are chosen to enrich the artwork and cater to a host of environments. Jai procures materials, colours, textures and finishes for each frame that complement the finer details in his work. In some instances, Jai aims to generate a mood that allows the art to breathe and, in others, use the frame to enhance the concept in the art. 

Premium, signature & popular artworks are signed and framed. Our frames are selected by the artist to complement each artwork and housed in a range of handcrafted wooden and aluminium frames. Buyers of framed works will receive a digital brochure featuring a selection of recommended framing options for their purchased artwork. Once selected, we will begin production of the framed pieced.


Jai's creations are explicitly crafted to come alive in print.Our prints perfectly showcase the high level of detail, colour and composition of Jai's artworks.

His sixteen years of experience in creating digitally crafted art, specifically for print, is evident when transferred onto fine art paper. The details in each piece of art are individually processed with technology to optimise the most superior visual experience and replication of the original, digital master. 

Quality - 

Jai Sol framed artworks are hand made using the highest quality materials to guarantee the most pleasing visual experience and long-lasting product. 

Framed features - 

  • hand made Italian frames
  • HD Non-reflective glass
  • High definition Giclee print on fine art paper
  • best quality backboards to support the framing
  • range of fittings to suit 



Experience Jai's artworks in the form of circular-shaped acrylics.

Our HD acrylics are a unique way to display and enjoy Jai Sol artworks. Orbs are a contemporary circular format and offer a truly unique finish on the wall. Many of Jai's abstract creations are tailor-made to complement the orb's shape, material, and style. 

The artwork is printed onto high-quality fine art paper using the Giclee process for optimised clarity and colour. The print is mounted onto an aluminium frame and pressed with a 3mm HD precision-cut piece of Acrylic. 

Key features to our Orbs - 

  • 5mm Crystal clear plexiglas
  • Face-mounted with optically clear adhesive
  • Diamond & flame polished edges
  • Supplied with white wooden subframe
  • (Solid aluminium subframe optional)
  • Hi-definition 12 colour printing
  • Certified for 100+ years
  • Supplied in a white presentation box   


Art the products made to order?

We are proud to provide High Quality Premium products using the finest materials, with each piece produced by hand. We produce framed artworks and orbs to complement Jai's creativity and ensure a highly durable product. We do not pre-print or inventory any stock, so every piece is printed-on-demand and made to order. 


Art the products signed?

Framed prints are signed and numbered by Jai Sol. Orbs feature a printed signature.   


What are proof of ownership, certificates?

Buyers of Framed artworks will receive a personalised, signed certificate of ownership and purchase on delivery of their purchased artwork. Buyers will also receive and a digital certificate of their purchase via email.

Buyers of Orb artworks will receive a signed certificate of ownership on delivery of their purchased artwork and a digital certificate of their purchase via email.


Do you create bespoke artworks?

Jai Sol does create bespoke artworks, please view the details of this unique service at -